Big Leo ProductionsLaunch Project
NYC based photo agency, Big Leo Productions, needed a website to showcase their talent roster online. We built a sleek, bold online vehicle to compliment their strong color palette and developed a full database system for each artist to upload and manage their images in a variety of layouts.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash, html, MySQL, CMS

CONTENT: image galleries for commercial photographer and stylist portfolios

BUILD: 200 hours

- dynamic image gallery
- cms platform
- interactive, semi-dynamic selection system
- full deeplink system

Susan SpungenLaunch Project
Susan Spungen, chef and writer came to us to design a clean, functional website to coincide with the launch of her book, Recipes: A Collection for the Modern Cook, (Harper Collins, 2005). Edge designed the site to showcase the gorgeous food imagery from her award winning cookbook and feature her on-going book tour and TV appearances, recipes for download, and "Ask Susan" contact form to get direct answers when your pie crust doesn't hold.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash/Freehand, php, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop.

CONTENT: Recipes, News and Book Tour calendar

BUILD: 160 hours

- Pixelmakers - www.pixelmakers.net/
- American Design Award - www.americandesignawards.com/pickup- monthly.html

Lloyd LandesmanLaunch Project
PROJECT: Lloyd Landesman, composer, arranger, and producer, hired Edge to design and develop his on-line portfolio. We created an deep portfolio site for clients to view his work as well as a customer login platform for him to highlight his various commercial spots for clients including Budweiser, Dr. Pepper, Cheerios, Chevy, Subway, Kay Jeweler's, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, and Pringles.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash/Freehand, php, MySQL, FlashAmpPro, Sorenson Squeeze, Adobe Photoshop.

CONTENT: MP3, video-clips, dynamic equalizer

BUILD: 160 hours

- Featured site in Taschen's "Web Design/Music Sites" book / July 2006
- Tiny - www.internettinyawards.com/
- Dope - www.dopeawards.com/
- Fcukstar - www.fcukstar.com/
- Kingforaweek - www.kingforaweek.com/
- Pixelmakers - www.pixelmakers.net/

- animated equalizer
- full customer login platform
- full video/sound gallery

Meredith CarreLaunch Project
Meredith Carre is a makeup artist who focuses her business on weddings, photo shoots, TV and events. Meredith came to Edge to have us develop a sexy website to feature her burgeoning makeup business, and we began by designing a charming and appealing identity. Next we designed and developed an online flash portfolio to showcase her work and her service offerings. We took inspiration from all of the color and shades that her makeup kit encompassed. The site was designed to emulate her colorful shadow and lipstick palate, each section pops in a different shade. We also developed a custom guestbook script to provide a way for her audience to leave comments and support her work.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash/Freehand, php, Adobe Photoshop.

CONTENT: photo gallery, guestbook

BUILD: 150 hours

- guestbook script
- data driven image gallery

National Hypertension AssociationLaunch Project
Edge created a clean, simple flash website for The National Hypertension Association that would streamline an enormous amount of research and information content while making it approachable and user friendly. The site feature the Association's long history, latest news and yearly research reports. We also updated their existing logo to a bold, balanced identity.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash/Freehand, Action Script, xml, php, Adobe Photoshop

CONTENT: Downloadable yearly reports, Photo Gallery, History, News

BUILD: 1000 Hours

Finn JewelryLaunch Project
Edge loves Finn Jewelry for their fun twist on natural elements and we wanted to create a website to match. By injecting a simple navigation coupled with a soft palate and an easy "blur trick," our clean approach gave them an easy way to showcase their jewelry and large amount of press online. The site was developed to showcase the pieces by collection so as new collections are designed they could be easily integrated.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash, XMl, php

CONTENT: Jewelry and Press Gallery

BUILD: 150 hours

Howard Werner StudioLaunch Project
Howard Werner has been direct-carving sculpture and furniture from large tree sections since the mid 70's. He came to Edge to develop a sleek online vehicle for his extensive catalog of artwork and press accolades. We built him a gallery-based web site to showcase his work as well as allow potential buyers and galleries access to log in and see the full catalog complete with pricing and sculpture specifications.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash/Freehand, Adobe Photoshop

CONTENT: Image gallery player, client "VIP" gallery login

BUILD: 100 hours

- data driven image gallery

JJ AppletonLaunch Project
With a raw and dreamlike feel, Edge designed this rock n' roll artist's website to celebrate the release of his second record, "Uphill To Purgatory." Inspired by elements of the musician's drawings and personal style, a theme of deconstruction created a dynamic environment for the user to explore all things JJ.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash/Freehand, php, Sorenson Squeeze, Adobe Photoshop

CONTENT: MP3, video-clips, images, lyrics

BUILD: 120 hours

- Featured site in Taschen's "Web Design/Music Sites" book / July 2006
- Pixelmakers - http://www.pixelmakers.net/
- Graphic Orgasm - http://www.gouw.nu/
- Highfloater - http://www.highfloater.com/
- Kingforaweek - http://www.kingforaweek.com/

- multi-track, audio player
- video/image gallery
- downloads: mp3's, AIM icons & wallpaper

Miss MeghanLaunch Project
Shoe Guru Meghan Cleary, A.K.A. Miss Meghan, came to Edge looking for an interactive website that could celebrate the release of her new book, The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You (Chronicle Books 2005), and showcase her online and TV presence, numerous articles she writes and link to her high-traffic blog.

We developed a simple content management system for Miss Meghan to manage fresh content as it came off the wire and keep her eager fans up to date. The gallery sections showcase her printed and online articles as well as her print and television press. Dedicated shoe fans return weekly to view new TV spots, read Miss Meghan's newest articles and browse her blog.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash, action script, xml, php

BUILD: 160 hours

Alexandra RowleyLaunch Project
When photographer Alexandra Rowley came to Edge, she was looking for a simple way to feature her online portfolio to prospective advertising and editorial clients. In addition, she wanted to incorporate her personal photo work which has shown in numerous exhibitions. We developed a simple website which highlighted her clean aesthetic and gave her photos a home online. We also developed a custom database for her to have full access to her images and experiment with layouts and pairing of imagery online. We developed a number of fun sections to give a fun flavor to the typical photographer sections, and made sure to feature her personal work, opening up a world of possibility for those commercial clients that had not seen her beautiful elemental pieces.

TOOLS: Adobe Flash, php, MySQL server

CONTENT: Photo gallery

BUILD:130 hours

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